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We recommend that before you start to look for your property, come and have a chat with our recommended mortgage broker for a quote on how much you can borrow, what the repayment costs would be, and what price range and how big a deposit you would require. With this information, you can go out and find the right property, with the peace of mind of knowing what you can realistically afford and that the funds, costs, etc, have all been pre-calculated. It is important to know that when purchasing your property with finance, that the sales agreement should have a clause stating the purchase is subject to 'mortgage approval', giving a specified date. In the event that the property deal does not go through or the mortgage is not approved, you will not loose your full deposit.

Today there is an increasing range of mortgage products available on the market and our broker will be able to advise you of the one that best suits your circumstances and budget. Spanish mortgages can be arranged to buy a new or resale property, for renovation of an existing property, or for the construction of a new property.


100% PLUS COSTS- change of house mortgage which provides for the new purchase by taking a mortgage on the existing house as well as the new one. NO PAYMENTS FOR THE FIRST 3 MONTHS!  5 years to sell the original house before paying back any capital.
100% LTV for Spanish Residents with provable income and good track record.
80% LTV for Non- Residents- 35 year term to keep payments low.
70% LTV Interest Only, up to 40 years based on valuation and not purchase price.
30 years Interest Only mortgage/re-mortgage with NO AGE LIMIT and NO REPAYMENT TERM.
Larger Mortgages (500.000 euros) 100% of purchase price + up to 18% costs
Special deals for SELF EMPLOYED, that find it hard to prove income.

What is needed is a copy of the Nota Simple from the Land Registry for the property you want to buy, and a copy of your reservation or private purchase contract. The application process can take any where between two to four weeks from the moment your provider receives a completed application form and all supporting documentation. Documentation Needed....

Interest rates

Most mortgages interest rates are usually indexed to the Euribor (Euribor is determined by the (EBF) each day) and the banks currently charge an extra 0.5% to 1.25%. A variable rate mortgage therefore tracks the Euribor index. Before a fixed rate mortgage would mean repaying at a higher rate than the current variable rate, with an interest that is fixed for the period of the mortgage, but new legistlation has provided the ability to change from a fixed to a variable rate and visa versa during the term of the mortgage ( this will depend on the borrower) 


The costs for arranging and setting up your mortgage will vary, generally, the more complex the case the higher the fee. Typically the fees would be between 1% and 2% of the amount borrowed.

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